Leveraging Your Forms to Shape Information

Leveraging Your Forms to Shape Information

Table of Contents

A. A Review of Different Meaning of “Form”

B. Are Your Forms Valuable?

C. A Debate of Forms Using Different Technologies

– Is Web Better Than Windows?

– Is Non-Spreadsheet Better than Spreadsheet?

– Is Mobile Better than Desktop?

D. Input Form Gallery

E. References

A. Review of Different Meaning of “Form”

Application of visualised forms to shaping information consist of core elements such as colour and number. This case is to explore further and analyse other aspects of colour and number based on specific meanings of Form in Chinese 表格設計 & 表單技術.  Form Technology can be represented a method to support Form Delivery while Form Design can be represented a substance to ensure effective implementation of shaping information. After your reading of this case, you can evaluate “Does Form Design Matters to Shape Information? “.

Whenever you plan to form (建立) a new company which is registered in overseas, you may prefer a specific form (形式) of the company which can avoid exposure to unlimited liability because you expect the wealth of company’s shareholders shall not form (構成) part of the company assets. Next, you have to learn how to complete relevant company registration form (表格) when it does not accept using either Microsoft Words, Excel or Web form – it may be due to your selected overseas country the government implements a proprietary software purely operated in specific Windows form (表單技術) environment.

After you run a core business, you have to ensure preparing vouchers to account for different forms (類型) of business transactions. The last accounting entry of your annual company account may be provision for audit fee when you have to incur the extra cost of a statutory audit service to appoint an independent auditor to form (作出) an opinion on your company account.

B. Are Your Forms Valuable?

Application form, data collection form, approval form, report form are four main types of form of your organisations. These forms can be incurred on significant investment cost as driven by the following factors: –

  • Demand for high quality of form design
  • Demand for frequent amendments to adapt changes
  • Demand for customisation with different user groups

Whenever your organisation is preparing to implement new systems, it is risky that your existing investment in form design and related data will be written-off.

ERP software is a popular software which can provide many types of forms available for implementation. Users have to evaluate whether to implement all these forms. In a worse scenario, most users maintain using old forms when they perceive the high value of old forms e.g. Paper Form, Spreadsheet Form and Word Form. In this situation, it will consume extra manpower to responsible for duplication of data entry manually – copy and input every piece of data from the old form to new form.

Referring to the following section, a group of four persons they are enjoy playing the game of Mahjong together (麻雀). From time to time they may have a casual discussion for different controversial topics after playing Mahjohn. The debate in Form Using Different Technologies is one of the most interesting topics for public sharing.

C. A Debate of Forms Using Different Technologies

Is Web Better than Windows?

Is Non-Spreadsheet Better than Spreadsheet?

Is Mobile Better than Desktop?

Eastern SaiKung (東方~西貢) represents a user group they have extensive experience in finance and accounting and mainly rely on using Excel for Windows.

Southern NorthPoint (南方~北角)  represents a users group they are working as a Taxi Driver and using several mobile phones with different taxi-hailing apps to support maximisation of revenues.

Western TungChung (西方~東涌)  represents a user group they are developers mainly focus on web technologies within open source communities.

Northern NamSangWai (北方~南生圍)  represents a users group they are working as IT Consultant to responsible for implementation of Windows/Web Non-spreadsheet system.  

C. A Debate of Forms Using Different Technologies

Is Web Better than Windows?

Is Non-Spreadsheet Better than Spreadsheet?

Is Mobile Better than Desktop?

  Accountant: Yesterday I download a free mobile app which supports Excel file format.

 Taxi Driver: I have an experience using this, but the app cannot support voice recognition.

  IT Consultant: Why you demand this.

  Taxi Driver: My hands are busy to drive my taxi. Also, I require to operate taxi-hailing apps – merely single click can confirm customer location.

 Web Expert: You can try www.google.com which support voice recognition.

 IT Consultant: I will explore whether the voice recognition function can be embedded within the spreadsheet app.

 Accountant: Thanks for the help, North. After using the spreadsheet app, I can view financial statements at anywhere. When I try to do input, seem many typing errors.

 Web Expert: Mobile device is not designed as an input machine by using fingers. If you deploy mobile app for accounting, the useful life of software will be relatively short as mobile technology is undergone a rapid change. Why not consider web base app for mobile because it is machine independent, you can use this for different types of mobile devices and laptops?

 Accountant: What is different of your claimed web base app from traditional?

 Web Expert: Current web technology supports a responsive design of user interface. When a system is designed primary for desktop windows, the system can adapt different screen sizes of mobile devices.

 IT Consultant: The performance of web is far from using native apps of either desktop Windows and mobile devices. It may not be suitable for East when he is an accountant. I suggest East can consider our software, which provides two types of client – Windows client and Web client

 Accountant: I am responsible for financial data analysis. I am seldom to involve data entry. It is because most of the departmental users they can prepare data in spreadsheet form, and upload these form through our finance web. Our software can connect to these spreadsheets collecting individual data.

 IT Consultant: When you have so many users why not implement non-spreadsheet accounting software which provides built-in voucher entry form.

 Accountant: Several years ago our company had implemented your suggested software. Many users concluded that the voucher entry form is not suitable to implement the preparation of the budget and rolling forecast. As a result, the number of headcounts is increasing after the implementation. Also, inputted data are poor quality because operators have to print the spreadsheet, and then re-input relevant data to each voucher.

 Web Expert: It is surprising to me. My understanding is spreadsheet tool do not support multi-user or client-server and little control over editing. So non-spreadsheet software shall be a better option normally.

  Taxi Driver: I am seldom using Windows base spreadsheet. However, my child is proficiency in using spreadsheet tool. I am aware the speed is very fast. Moreover, my child can design a lot of beautiful forms. My husband feels very happy on this, so he from time to time requests our child to design input forms for his company.

 Accountant: I think there is no model answer which technologies are the best. It depends on the matching of requirements with relevant forms. I agree with South, when she is driving a taxi, no more hands to operate software. In this situation, software shall adapt users rather than users adapt software. It is very dangerous when a driver is forced using hand to operate the software.

 IT Consultant: Software developers concerns cost of software development. They may not be willing to invest so-called software adapt users.

 Web Expert: Great! No hand to operate software shall be the key challenge of software design. 

D. Input Form Gallery

Eastern SaiKung (東方~西貢) believes that a system which can connect to Excel compatible forms directly is a basic requirement of software selection. It can avoid duplication of input by users.

Southern NorthPoint (南方~北角) believes that a system which can connect to voice compatible forms directly shall be a better solution for a driver.

Western TungChung (西方~東涌) believes that a system which can support responsive web design is fundamental to unify forms for any computing device. It can extend the useful life of Form significantly.

Northern NamSangWai (北方~南生圍) has concluded the Form Debate Meeting and reported to the R&D department of her employer and requested for flexible form solutions available for her prospective implementations.

E. References

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